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Advent and Journeys to Health

Advent. nativity advent calendar

Advent is upon us!  Parents everywhere are stocking up on advent calendars and rehearsing Nativity plays with the children. Now that UK temperatures have dropped, it finally feels time for that month of preparation before Christmas.

Recently, I’ve noticed how healing journeys with Nutritional Therapy can be a little bit like Advent.

Advent is all about waiting expectantly for Christmas to come.  As children know all too well, December takes 24 long days for it to arrive.  In a similar way, Nutritional Therapy invites us, not to sudden quick-fixes, but on journeys into health.

Like the shepherds watching their flocks all those years ago, we hear that there might be good news for our condition – but it takes time and effort to go and find it for ourselves.  Like the magi who follow the star, we might catch a sign that we’re on the right track; but we have to pursue our path until the end, before we find all we hoped for.

And often, like impatient children hoping for fat stockings on Christmas morning, we just have to wait – and let our bodies take time to heal.

Another similarity that occurred to me, is the sense of preparation and anticipation: putting in effort, bit-by-bit, for a wonderful result. Christmas would be a sad affair if we ignored it until the morning of the 25th. Instead, buying presents, putting up decorations and arranging food during Advent means that, by the time Christmas Day arrives, we are ready to celebrate!

When we engage with Nutritional Therapy, we also make small daily efforts. We prepare expectantly for the day when we won’t have those symptoms any more, when we’ll observe real change.  We choose food that will be kind to our body; we take on extra expense to supply lacking nutrients; we adopt new, beneficial habits that we never had before.

Thankfully – after all the waiting, after all the impatience, after all the effort of preparation – just as Advent leads to Christmas, sooner or later, our celebration day will come.

Happy Advent!

P.S. One last thought on waiting. For ages I’ve been waiting and wanting to set up a GAPS group!  If you, or any of your family, are struggling with Autism, ADHD, gut problems, allergies or auto-immunity, the GAPS protocol could be relevant.  But, despite its great results, the regime is not always easy to follow.  So I hope to establish a GAPS support group in the New Year, to create extra encouragement for anyone interested in giving it a try.  Watch this space – and do contact me if you’d like to find out more right away.

Emma works at the Bury Knowle Health Centre in Oxford and the Godswell Natural Health Centre in Bloxham, outside Banbury.  Please contact her if you would like further information.

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