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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses food, supplements and changes to lifestyle to promote optimum health. This therapy works in synergy with your body, ensuring that you have all the nutrients needed to support your natural healing mechanisms.
Read moreEmma practices Nutritional Therapy from the Bury Knowle Health Centre in Headington, Oxford and the Godswell Natural Therapy Centre in Bloxham, Oxfordshire.

Emma Maitland-Carew, Dip ION, mBANT, mCNHC, GAPS Registered Practitioner, Metabolic Balance Coach.

Gut Health

Our digestive tract is the absolute foundation for vibrant wellbeing. As a nutritional therapist, I prioritise gastrointestinal health and work to support its optimal function.Read more

Joint, bone and muscle integrity

Managing nutrient levels in the body can encourage a supple and comfortable muscular-skeletal system.
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Vitality and Energy

I am trained to guide you through dietary changes, supplemental additions and lifestyle adaptations that will help you achieve the balance of energy output, recovery, rest and relaxation that is best suited to your individual needs.
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Hormone health and fertility

Hormones are made up from components of the food we eat. This is good news if you have hormone imbalances, because the right combination of food and nutrients can restore equilibrium.Read more

Mental Health

Nutrition levels, gut bacteria and food intolerances can strongly affect our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Nutritional therapy helps to improve the part digestion plays in mental health.Read more

Food and environmental allergy reactions

Nutritional Therapy helps encourage tolerance to a wide range of foods and reduce reactions to environmental allergens.
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Healthy Eating Tips

My role as a Nutritional Therapist is to help you to achieve optimal health. Diet and lifestyle guidance, as well as support, are a core part of what I do.
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Weight Management

I am trained to analyse how food and lifestyle practices impact on short‐ and long‐term weight gain. Tailoring weight-loss plans for individual needs is a regular part of Nutritional Therapy.Read more

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