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lemon“I have been feeling so grateful that I have been working with you for the last 18 months and that my health is so much better. If this coronavirus had happened two years ago, I would have been in a much more vulnerable position. So thank you for all your careful work in making me healthier. I am sure there are many people that you have helped become stronger and more resilient and are in a better position to face this unknown virus.” ALI OXFORDSHIRE (aged 59)

blueberry“Evie is a different child from when we first came to see you.  She is much more relaxed, confident and a lot faster (her main concern) after following your recommendations.  I can’t thank you enough for all your knowledge and incredible support – you really have transformed Evie!” EVIE’S MUM, OXFORD (aged 15)

carrot“The level of detail you offer in the Live and Dried Blood Analysis is extraordinary, quite amazing!” GEORGINA, OXFORD (aged 45)


cucumber“Your professionalism and supportive gentle approach is fabulous and so reassuring.  I can’t wait to start making the changes” ALISA, OXFORD (aged 54)


tomato“I know that without certain individuals I would not be here today.  You are one of those, Emma and I want to thank you truly for setting me on my way to recovery.  The day you said to me, “I think your liver is sluggish” changed my life.  You may not realise how much of a difference you made to me but you certainly did and I am so pleased I found you”.  LUCY, OXFORD (aged 55)

lettuce“I had a blood test recently and my cholesterol level has dropped sufficiently in the last six months for there to be no mention of taking statins!  I feel I must thank you for your help and advice which I am sure has made a huge amount of difference”  HILARY, COTSWOLD (aged 72)

carrot“Everyone needs the Lord and an Emma in their life, maybe I should write that as a review for you.  ‘Emma is amazing, everyone needs the Lord and Emma in their lives’.” YINKA, LONDON


blueberry“Thank you so much, my mum and I found my consultation incredibly helpful and am finding this experience with you SO positive and emotionally healing so Thank you.  My mum loved it too and we both think you’re so clever and wise!” EMMA, CHELTENHAM (aged 29)

strawberry“I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the amazing work you have done with me.  Your love, patience and prayers have been so appreciated.  I am excited to say we are expecting a new arrival in 5 months time.  I would never have got to this point without you and cannot thank you enough.  I got pregnant on my first ovulation!  I know He used you to me to where I am now and it is a total miracle that we praise God for daily.”  NATASHA, OXFORD (aged 29)

lemon“I received your information from my colleague. She had such phenomenal things to say about you and I would love to set up an appointment.” KRISTEN, LONDON


“You always sort my life out for the better, you’re like a rainbow. Thanks so much, I’d be lost without you. ” JANE, OXFORD (aged 42)


celery“It has been a dream to work with Emma towards my goal of being healthy and in balance again. Her support and care have inspired me to make positive changes to my diet and lifestyle and make great strides towards life to the full!  I am so happy to have taken this step into nutritional health.  I am now sleeping better and no longer dealing with bloating, tummy aches and horrible gas! I feel so much stronger mentally as well as physically and am hugely grateful for the love and care that Emma has taken to put me back on track. Thank you Emma!”  CHARLOTTE, LONDON (aged 31)

raspberry“I am very thankful that I met you, it’s a life transformed and I talk about you to many.  My sleep is better – really restful and I wake up well.  My digestion and gut continuing to improve, and I have had almost no hayfever this year!  It’s a miracle!” RAHIL, LONDON (aged 43)

kiwi“You were so good with Daisy whom most people find very challenging at times.  She is totally inspired and has decided to go for the recommendations you made.  She spent all afternoon looking up recipes and designing a menu plan so all I have to do now is make sure we stick to it!  I haven’t seen her so engaged in something for months and months”  KATHERINE (happy mum of Daisy aged 13), BANBURY

lemon“For many years I suffered with what I thought was IBS.  It was extremely distressing, debilitating and depressing.  The biggest problem was unpredictable diarrhoea which meant eating out became a real issue for me.  Emma made some changes to my eating habits and after a short time, all my symptoms cleared up.  It has now been 6 weeks since I had my last bout of diarrhoea.  I cannot speak highly enough of Emma and would recommend her approach to anyone who has this highly personal issue”  TONY, OXFORD (aged 54)


Many thanks for our consultation yesterday.  I was so happy afterwards and thankful to God because the care you have for me as your patient and for your work comes through. I was so thankful to God for connecting me to you – an answer to my prayers! I hope you get to enjoy the sun, I definitely will 🙂  MARY, OXFORD (aged 45)

strawberryHaving tried several different things including the anti-candida diet, Emma recommended the GAPS diet. After 10 years of having leaky gut. I noticed a huge improvement in the first couple of weeks. The doctors had written me off as ‘just having IBS’ but this way of eating shows that no one needs to live with this for the rest of their lives. I have been amazed at how the GAPS diet seems to be restoring my digestion and I now find that I don’t get any stomach cramps. It seems a hugely powerful example of how the body heals itself naturally give the right building blocks. I am so grateful to Emma for all her wisdom and guidance through this time.” JO, LONDON (aged 38)

lettuce“I approached Emma after having persistent stomach aches for weeks.  All GP tests had come back negative and I had no idea what to do.  Emma suggested that I might have a bacterial overgrowth in my digestion and subsequently lab tests proved her to be right.  After following Emma’s advice, my skin is radically improved, my energy is returning and perhaps best of all, I no longer crave sugar and caffeine to get me through the day.  I am still on the journey, but it is amazing to feel all-round well again.  Emma used the EIS to test my progress and it identified areas of weakness in my body that matched the areas indicated in the lab tests which helped me believe it worked!  It was encouraging though, to be able to see how those areas had improved since the lab tests.  Seeing the EIS results helped to create a more accurate plan of action to follow.” JANNA, LONDON (aged 37)


“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me…I feel so so different and my fatigue and general malaise seems to have been re programmed…I know it is all due to your expertise…thank you.  You have taught me so much about myself.. thank you.”   JANE, LONDON (aged 65)

carrot“Emma has changed my life. Forget the famous saying ‘I’m going on a diet’ and replace it with ‘I’m going to see Emma!’. You name it, I’ve tried every diet there is. I’d lose weight, feel great for a while, but then gradually the weight would slowly creep back on until I’d feel the depressing need to start the cycle again. Symptoms had also started to creep in, such as feeling bloated after a meal, lethargic, waking up in the night, rapid weight gain after just one meal, and so on. After years of on and off dieting and the perpetual battle with my weight to grind me down, I finally found the answer: Emma! I was recommended Emma and what a huge relief, as I can now finally understand what’s been going on within my body. Where a Dr would cure my symptoms, Emma has found the complex root to all of my problems. With her incredible support throughout and her invaluable knowledge it has meant I can properly deal with everything the right way so that they become a thing of the past for good. I didn’t eat a poor diet and I always had plenty of will power on ‘diets’, but it’s only seeing Emma that has helped me to lose 21 pounds (& counting), boost my metabolism, feel awake during the day, sleep like a log, and so much more. Now that I know ‘ME’, this time I know I’m here to stay! Whatever you think you know, believe me; an appointment with Emma is priceless!” CAROLINE, OXFORD (aged 33)

cucumber“I can recommend Emma, she has changed by boyfriend’s life!”  EMMA, READING (aged 27)


raspberry“Emma’s advice was excellent and I went from feeling wretched to almost 100% within a couple of weeks.” PHILIP, OXFORDSHIRE (aged 79)


kiwi“I have battled with health issues since childhood/early adulthood and have sought to live with them rather than thinking I could overcome them. Thankfully I met Emma who showed me differently!  When I first met Emma I was experiencing Reflux, Barrett’s Oesophagus, Gastritis etc, all of which were causing me incredible discomfort. I was also suffering with generalised symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, weakness, poor sleep etc, plus a blood condition.  Emma patiently took me through the process of uncovering the root causes of my conditions and explained there were several layers which needed to be tackled one at a time. With her vast knowledge she gently guided me through each stage until there was a tangible difference and health returned!  I would fully recommend Emma to anyone wanting to find a breakthrough to better health!”  CLARE, BANBURY (aged 51)

tomato“My life has been transformed!” ANDREW, LONDON (aged 38)


blueberry“I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease 12 years ago, during which time I was given various forms of treatment.  I was taking Steriods for approximetely 10 years which did help to control the disease but I had to stop due to concerns over long term use and associated medical problems. I was then informed that I would need to have surgery and at this point decided to seriously consider my diet.  I met with Emma and this turned my life around.  I followed a strict food plan along with a specific supplement programme and within 6 months my condition had settled and my symptoms were relieved.”  JENNY, OXFORD (aged 57)

raspberry“My husband, three children and I all had differing degrees of digestive issues – ulcerative colitis, IBS and lactose intolerance to name a few.  Emma suggested that the symptoms they were experiencing maybe due to negative spiritual consequences of past generations and recommended a healing ministry where we could receive prayer.  From the moment we had prayer, our children have been able to eat everything with no ill effects.  Thank you God.”  NICOLETTE, OXFORD

lemon“I would recommend Emma to anyone – whether the problem is big or small, she tailors her advice to what is needed at any given point.”  JESSICA, LONDON (aged 40)


kiwi“Emma’s recommendations lifted me to a sustainably happier place.” CHARLOTTE, OXFORDSHIRE (aged 35)


strawberry“Within 7 days of following Emma’s suggestions for chronic insomnia, exhaustion and stress, I was sleeping like a baby and have been feeling great ever since!”  CHLOE, BRISTOL (aged 35)


blueberry“Emma recommended a diet that has reduced my chronic digestive pain levels to the position that I hardly ever experience any discomfort or need to take medications” MARTIN, SOMERSET (aged 66)


celery“Thank you so so much for all your help and support over the last few months – I feel fantastic”  LUCY, SOMERSET (aged 47)


lemon“I’m writing this around 6 months after last seeing Emma because I always think it’s helpful to give the longer term view and not just the immediate results which you might expect to be good but might not last. I certainly feared that the great results I saw after a couple of months seeing Emma wouldn’t last. So what did she do for me and where am I now?I took a leap of faith and put my health in Emma’s hands after a few years of trying to manage all my candida related symptoms on my own. I hadn’t done too badly but the list of symptoms kept growing and I didn’t have full confidence I knew how to manage them all anymore. It was the classic list of digestive, sinus, fungal, mood and energy etc related symptoms. I was so touched that Emma took the time to talk over my issues and concerns on the phone before I had even decided to book my first appointment with her. She didn’t make any false promises. She said she would help me to not have to work so hard to stay healthy but that there would be no miracle cure. At my first appointment she said it felt like I had maybe lost my ability to see the wood for the trees and she would help me find my way again. I felt very confident right away that she could help me as she is very knowledgeable and used all her wisdom, love and experience to help me.My biggest fear was that I would have to change my diet drastically. I felt that I had already had to make so many changes over the past few years and feared Emma would ask me to give up even more foods and that life would become more restrictive and less fun. However this did not happen. I added a few particularly helpful foods and, instead of wasting money on a variety of random supplements that I felt might help, was able to narrow this down to the few that I really needed. After a month of seeing Emma my health in fact soared and I felt incredible, about 10 years younger. It was truly a wonderful feeling. Now, 6 months later, I can say honestly that I haven’t felt that amazing the entire time but overall things have been much better. Yes, I still get some of the symptoms as Emma warned I would, but they feel more manageable and less debilitating. I have more energy, my blood sugar is stable meaning that so is my mood. My digestion is much better. And if symptoms do ever seem to be building up I now feel I know what to do to bring things back under control again. If this ever changes I will come and see Emma to point me in the right direction again. So if you are unsure whether to take this step, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. You will be really listened to and feel very cared for and you might get a new lease of life!” JENNIFER, OXFORDSHIRE (aged 44)

Clettucelare has been a client of mine since 2011.  Here is her wonderful testimony –

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