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Please contact Emma by phone or by email to see if you think Nutritional Therapy could help you. There is no charge for this, and no obligation attached. See below for the some of the services available to you.


HeartMath uses self-regulating techniques and technology to help build resilience and strengthen our ability to prepare for stress and our capacity to recover from it.

The EIS Scan is an effective tool for suggesting imbalances and monitoring progress in your body’s systems and organs.

Metabolic Balance is a unique nutritional programme originally intended to support people losing weight.


Health Tests

Other health test that use the latest technology to quickly and successfully determine underlying causes of health problems are available. These include:

  • The Optimal Nutritional Evaluation helps to evaluate digestion and absorption as well as the need for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • A Hair Mineral Analysis is a simple way of checking your body tissue mineral and toxic metal levels.
  • The Functional DX Test is a very sensitive blood test which screens for over 80 biomarkers that effectively assess your overall health.




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