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kiwi“Having struggled for the last ten years to lose weight, I would like to thank Emma for all her support and encouragement whilst I was under her guidance on the Metabolic Balance programme.  I’m delighted with the results, not only have I lost weight, my energy and concentration levels have improved and I feel so much better in myself.  It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re eating all the right foods for a healthy body and mind and at the same time maintaining your desired weight.  It’s a lifetime programme that I will continue to follow and would not hesitate recommending it.” PAULINE (aged 58)

strawberry“The Metabolic Balance Diet is the best thing I have done for years! I LOVE it. It has changed my life completely.   I have not only lost 2.5 stone but I feel FANTASTIC! The aim for me was to lose weight but now I am nearly at my goal weight I don’t want to stop as I have energy like I haven’t had for years and feel GREAT!! My skin looks healthier and I am also sleeping much better.  I have tried lots of different diets since having three children and gaining weight, none of them have really worked but this is truly different.  The first detox phase wasn’t much fun but it just gets easier and the weight dropped off quite quickly.  I never thought I could lose this much weight and feel so energised again.  Emma has been great at “hand holding” and very encouraging when I needed it.  I would highly recommend Metabolic Balance and of course Emma.  Thanks Emma, I couldn’t have done it without your help!”  LUCY, DORSET (aged 47)

kiwi“I initially signed up for the metabolic balance programme to loose weight.  The programme coincided with my post graduate exams.  After the initial detox I started to feel a huge improvement in my health.  I stopped feeling tired and hungry at the end of the day.  My concentration improved greatly, and I found writing my dissertation and general study much easier.  My sleep improved, my snoring stopped and I woke each morning feeling refreshed and without headaches.  I enjoy metabolic balance enormously and managed to lose 10kg in the first 2 months.  I am currently maintaining my weight on phase 4 of the programme.  I encourage anyone looking to improve their overall well being (and lose weight!) to contact Emma.  I would also be very happy to talk to anyone about my experience doing metabolic balance.”  MIKE, COTSWOLDS (age 42)

raspberry“I had reached a point in my life when the usual dietary and exercise guidelines were simply not achieving the results they had done in the past. Nothing was working, and I was at an ‘energetic standstill’ that was negatively affecting all aspects of my life. It was a bold step to approach Emma for help but one that has seen remarkable results for the better! The program is clearly effective, and this coupled with Emma’s excellent coaching ability and skills has resulted in dramatic and profound health benefits. I am back on great form energetically, have dropped over 10kg (and still going), and am having wonderful restful full nights of sleep. Highly recommended!”  JONATHAN, OXFORD (aged 46)

lemon“I have had weight problems for at least 7 to 8 years.  I tried many things which all failed for me.  I tried training heavily to lose weight (6 days a week) and still I did not lose any.  On metabolic balance I lost 2 stone in 12 weeks.  My skin, mood and joint pain has significantly improved too.”  ADAM, OXFORD (aged 29)

blueberry“You name it, I’ve tried it – every ‘diet’, detoxing, exercising like crazy – I’ve tried it all.  My weight has always been a struggle, but more so since having a baby.  I’d lost 2 stone before becoming pregnant but when I tried the same things again, it didn’t work?!  I’ve suffered for years with candida, leaky gut, mineral imbalances, then later adrenal fatigue.  I came to the point where I was then suffering with continuous insomnia, unable to fall asleep and/or waking in the early hours of the morning.  No matter how much I tried or how good I was nutritionally, I was just utterly exhausted and felt so unwell.  For a year I cut out sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol, tried the Paleo diet, did a bowel cleanse, a 28 day liver detox and towards the end I was exercising everyday for over an hour!  My sleep just got even worse and I even gained weight!  Some days I felt like I could barely function or even walk upstairs.  After all of this, a whole year later, I’d only lost a stone!  Then Emma introduced me to metabolic balance!  Their in-depth blood tests revealed I was reactive hypoglycaemic!  I started the MB programme and lost a stone in 2 weeks!  It then became a slower, steadier and sustainable weight loss.  Now, 14 weeks into it, I have lost 26 pounds.  I can read my body so easily now and I feel, having such a tailored food plan, unique to me, that my body is finally fixing itself.  I would recommend metabolic balance 1000% and would do it again in a heartbeat – I plan to stay on it indefinitely.  You absolutely need will power but when you see the weight fall off it’s worth every second!  What you put in you will get out – just follow your food plan and you cannot fail.  I can’t thank Emma enough for her encouragement and support along the way, I literally couldn’t have done it without her.  To think that in only 3 months I’ve lost nearly double what it took me a painful year to lose – I am THRILLED!!!”  CAROLINE, OXFORDSHIRE (aged 36)

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