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Mental Health

Mental Health

  • Do you feel depressed and is your mood low?
  • Are you anxious often?
  • Do you lack motivation, drive and ‘get up and go’?
  • Have you lost interest in things you used to love?
  • Do you suffer with mood swings?
  • Do you get panic attacks?
  • Do you get angry, irritable and aggressive easily?

As a GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) practitioner, I recognise how important it is to have a healthy digestive system in order to have optimal mental health.

  • Did you know there is a connection between the health of your gut and the health of your brain?
  • Did you know that 70% of your neurotransmitters (brain’s messengers) are made in your digestive tract?
  • Did you know that having food intolerances or allergy can cause your serotonin (happy neurotransmitter) and dopamine (motivatational neurotransmitter) to drop?
  • Did you know that beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract make neurotransmitters?

The brain also requires a constant and steady supply of many different nutrients in order for it to function properly.  Unfortunately, nutrient deficiencies become more common the older we get.  Supporting and maintaining correct nutrient levels can help romote emotional and psychological wellbeing.


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