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Emma’s Research: Thyroid Conditions


As many of you know, I am always interested in the latest research that can be used to benefit my clients. You will often find me talking with my colleagues about nutritional research, filling my office with books, journals and newsletters, and travelling to different parts of the country to attend professional development courses. It is very important that I keep up to date current research and I aim to chose accredited lectures that are relevant to the type of clients I see.

Recently I spent the day learning about Autoimmunity, Hashimoto’s and other Thyroid Conditions.  It gave me a greater understanding of the function of the immune system and the thyroid as well as some fantastic clinical pearls.  Did you know that the body often produces antibodies to the thyroid gland before other autoimmune conditions develop?  Some of the many symptoms associated with suboptimal thyroid function include:

  • fatigue,
  • weight gain (and an inability to lose it),
  • feeling cold,
  • dry hair and skin,
  • hair loss,
  • menstrual irregularities,
  • oedema,
  • muscle aches and joint pain,
  • constipation,
  • depression and low mood.

Do you recognise some of these symptoms? Perhaps you have been told that it is just ‘peri-menopausal’?  If you want to rule out problems with your thyroid function, please get in touch.

In just under a month’s time I am off again to London to do a masterclass in Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth known as SIBO.  A couple of years ago I did an intensive course in SIBO but this particular course is for those who already have experience with SIBO but would like to support complex client cases! Studies have shown that 60-84% of all IBS cases are associated with SIBO, and 25% of our UK’s population are thought to suffer with IBS!  This is another great tool to have in my tool box.

Do let me know if you are interested in how some of my research can be of help to you during your consultation!

Every blessing,



Emma Maitland-Carew – Registered Nutritional Therapist

Dip.ION, mBANT, CHNC Registered Practitioner,

Metabolic Balance® Coach, HeartMath Coach.



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