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When our endocrine system (our complex hormonal system) is operating in health and unity, we can enjoy optimal energy levels as well as emotional and psychological wellbeing.  A healthy endocrine system also encourages a healthy digestion and a tolerance to a wide range of foods.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I will look at your nutrition (the food you eat and your lifestyle) support your body to regain optimal hormonal balance.  This can be a difficult area to manage alone without adequate guidance and encouragement.  I will use a variety of investigations to provide you with a personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan.  This includes taking a careful history from you in order to improve your energy levels, your concentration, your weight and your overall health.


Thyroid Hormones

Your thyroid gland is situated just below your Adam’s apple and produces hormones that affect your whole body including the repair of every cell in your body, your metabolism and your organ.

Thyroxine (T4) is considered the most important hormone made in the thyroid gland.  Outside the  thyroid gland, thyrosine is converted into T3 which is the active form.  Your thyroid hormones are dependent on many different nutrients but particularly iodine and selenium.  Hashimoto’s Disease which is a thyroid auto-immunity condition is being more and more common.

As a Nutritional Therapist, my aim is to promote optimal thyroid function by evaluating your nutrition.  I will use food, food-based supplements and minor changes to your lifestyle (within the pressures of modern day living) to encourage hormonal and immune balance.


Female Hormone Health

Levels of hormones are constantly changing in menstruating women and they have an amazingly powerful effect on both the body and the mind.  Hormones are made from components of the food we eat therefore choosing the right sort of food and nutrients encourages hormonal balance.

Each set of hormones affects the others therefore it is important that they are in balance with one another.  For example,  adrenal hormones have a huge impact on female sex hormones.  A healthy gut flora is important for optimal liver function which is vital for hormone balance.


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