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Welcome to this overview of Emma’s activity where you can see some of her latest research and professional development.




I am thrilled to announce that I have just begun training with the Chrysalis Effect to become a Welling and Health Coach.  It has been on my heart for many years to train as a coach and I know this additional tool will help greatly towards my Nutritional Therapy Practise.  I have chose to train with the Chrysalis Effect because they specialise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME and Fibromyalgia.  Many people are contacting me with symptoms relating to these issues and also relating to Long COVID. I am confident these skills will be invaluable to many of my clients this coming year.


In November 2020 I did an advanced course in ‘Neuroinflammation Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications’ with the Kharrazian Institute. We worked with the Functional Medicine model. We were taught a step-by-step clinical approach on how to identify patterns of brain inflammation and their sources by taking a thorough client history, laboratory and clinic tests. Research covered the detailed role of the blood-brain-barrier in brain inflammation and the tools to address this inflammation. We studied conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. The underlying cause of these conditions is neuroinflammation.  Out of control brain inflammation damages the brain in different areas according to the disease that is diagnosed. We were given the tools to reduce inflammation and prevent these conditions from getting worse.


At the beginning of this year (2020) I bought myself a highly sophisticated microscope and camera.  During lockdown, I made the most of my time learning about Live and Dried Blood Analysis with NeoGenesis’s Dr Okker Botha.  It has been a very in-depth course, and one many people chose to do after completing other Live and Dried Blood Analysis courses because it is so comprehensive.  To find out more, click here.



In August 2020 I completed another advanced course in Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO).  Dr Jason Hawrelak did his PHD researching gut microbiome and is one of the leaders in the field of both research and clinical practice.  Research in this area is advancing all the time (and will continue to do) so this course help refresh my understanding of SIBO, and give me new practical applications in testing and therapeutic strategies.



In November 2019 I completed the Functional Medicine Advanced Gastrointestinal module.  This three day course in London covered the latest research on the Gastrointestinal tract including how to treat many complex gut issues using the Functional Medicine model.  These included everything from the stomach to the anus!  Our lectures were live from specialist doctors in America, and there was an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of each section.



At the end of June 2019, Tracey Randell, a Functional Medicine Practitioner and expert in gut health, ran an Advanced Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) Workshop. Tracey runs the IBS Clinics on Harley Street and works for the well-known laboratory BioLab.

According to research, 60-84% of all IBS is considered to be SIBO. It is only beginning to be understood, and is a complex condition which requires proper assessment and treatment. It is associated with many different symptoms but the main ones include:

  • bloating (belching and flatulence),
  • digestive pain,
  • diarrhoea and/or constipation,
  • food intolerances,
  • acid reflux and nausea,
  • fatigue, anxiety and brain fog,
  • headaches, and
  • rashes.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it can worth finding out whether the underlying cause is SIBO. It can often be triggered by food poisoning, stress, antibiotics, and tummy bugs. SIBO damages the walls of the small intestine leading to malabsorption and increased food sensitivities.

Testing can help determine what the best treatment be according to the gas and amount of it produced.

A couple of years ago, I did an thorough course on SIBO which gave me the foundation knowledge to support people with this condition. This recent course filled in the gaps and gave me the detailed information I needed to help treat more complex cases. It was great to be around other experienced practitioners who were also seeing lots of their own clients with SIBO. We went into much more detail regarding testing, the different diets available and when to recommend them, and the supplement that have really been shown to work in Tracey’s clinical practice.

One of the subjects I knew a little bit about but learnt far more about was the association with histamine problems that result from SIBO. When people have difficulty dealing with histamine in their body, it can be a bit of a minefield and very complex. It was wonderful to understand it in more detail and learn the clinical pearls that work for Tracey



As many of you know, I am always interested in the latest research that can be used to benefit my clients. You will often find me talking with my colleagues about nutritional research, filling my office with books, journals and newsletters, and travelling to different parts of the country to attend professional development courses. It is very important that I keep up to date current research and I aim to chose accredited lectures that are relevant to the type of clients I see.

Recently I spent the day learning about Autoimmunity, Hashimoto’s and other Thyroid Conditions.  It gave me a greater understanding of the function of the immune system and the thyroid as well as some fantastic clinical pearls.  Did you know that the body often produces antibodies to the thyroid gland before other autoimmune conditions develop?  Some of the many symptoms associated with suboptimal thyroid function include:

  • fatigue,
  • weight gain (and an inability to lose it),
  • feeling cold,
  • dry hair and skin,
  • hair loss,
  • menstrual irregularities,
  • oedema,
  • muscle aches and joint pain,
  • constipation,
  • depression and low mood.

Do you recognise some of these symptoms? Perhaps you have been told that it is just ‘peri-menopausal’?  If you want to rule out problems with your thyroid function, please get in touch.

In just under a month’s time I am off again to London to do a masterclass in Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth known as SIBO.  A couple of years ago I did an intensive course in SIBO but this particular course is for those who already have experience with SIBO but would like to support complex client cases! Studies have shown that 60-84% of all IBS cases are associated with SIBO, and 25% of our UK’s population are thought to suffer with IBS!  This is another great tool to have in my tool box.



The ‘Lightning Process’ is a short training course in recovery from stress, fatigue and pain. I took the Lightning Process course because stress and busyness were having a detrimental impact on my life and my health. I know – what a surprise to have a therapist seeking therapy!

And by a wonderful coincidence, a new study has just come out on this very course, reaching the headlines recently in the Guardian and the Telegraph. The research, though small-scale and preliminary, showed some surprisingly clear results in 50 children who underwent the Lightning Process. Compared to another 50 children who didn’t take it, they logged more days of attendance at school and experienced progressive improvements both 6 months and 12 months after the course had ended.

My practice as a nutritional therapist has gradually grown over the years, for which I am truly grateful. But in many ways, I needed to learn how to deal with being as busy as I had always hoped to be! Of course, I knew all sorts of ways to help myself with nutrition, yet I struggled to find the rest of the right tools I needed.

Several clients and friends told me how the Lightning Process had transformed their lives and their wellbeing. You yourself may have heard of people who had ME or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), who then seemed to walk miraculously free from all symptoms after doing the Lightning Process.

How it works

The Lightning Process depends primarily on the creative training of thought habits. And for me as a nutritional therapist, this makes perfect sense. Research in psychoneuroimmunology has shown for years that thought patterns have a chemical and biological impact in the body, because anxious emotions produce stress hormones which, if produced at high levels over a long time, can create negative impact on health. This is what mainly drives the LP approach.

For myself, after taking the course, I noticed that I felt a new emotional balance and a greater ease, even with just day-to-day life. I no longer felt so much under the pressure of time, and I felt much better able to make good decisions. Interestingly, I can now recognise when I am producing too many stress hormones, and with the tools I learnt on the Lightning Process, I can then bring my body back to calm again.

My husband declares he has seen a huge change in me, my sleep has improved, and I find I am relaxed and confident in situations where previously I might have felt a bit tense. Headaches which had not responded to nutritional support before, are now almost non-existent.

Another factor, is that I can face difficult situations more effectively. For example, I was recently in a situation that would normally frighten me, but because I had prepared for it using LP, I not only faced it, but got through it without a single fearful thought.

Importantly for me, I have been able to adapt the tools of LP according to my Christian faith, and use them in a way which I felt drew me closer to Jesus. As I walk through the LP with Jesus, I am finding that He is the one who most wants to challenge my ‘limiting beliefs’ and negative thought patterns – and He is the one who most empowers me to choose life in all its fullness.


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