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Godswell Clinic, Bloxham

Godswell Clinic, Bloxham

Please contact Emma by phone or by email to see if  you think Nutritional Therapy could help you. There is no charge for this, and no obligation attached.

See below for the consultation options available to you, followed by a list of charges.

Initial Assessment (2 hours) – £105

If you decide you would like an Initial Assessment, contact Emma to make an appointment.

You will then receive a short nutrition questionnaire and a 3-day lifestyle diary to complete and return before the consultation.  In addition to this, you will need to fill in an online questionnaire.

At this meeting, Emma will carefully analyse your current symptoms and concerns, your medical history, and your overall diet and lifestyle.  In addition to this Emma can run an EIS Scan (see below for details).  She will then explain and discuss with you the potential root causes of your health concerns.

Together with you, Emma will then create a tailor-made health improvement programme, taking into account your personal food preferences and lifestyle.

EIS Scan – £40

An EIS is a completely painless computerised body scanner, that indicates visually which of your organs and body systems are out of balance.  This is normally done as part of your initial assessment but you can also make an appointment for this at any time as it only takes 20 minutes.  This may be a useful tool for you to sample what Emma does and see whether you would like an Initial Assessment.

Support Telephone Consultation (30 minutes) – £35

Emma may suggest that you schedule in a half-hour telephone consultation with her, that normally takes place two weeks after your initial consultation.  This is to give you additional support that you may require.

Follow-up Consultation (1 hour) – £60

After your initial assessment and telephone consultation, a one hour follow-up consultation is recommended to give you further support and to track your progress.  This normally takes place one month into your nutritional programme.

Follow-up EIS Scan – £20

After your initial consultation, a follow-up EIS scan may help you to track your health progress.  This scan can take place during your follow-up consultation.

Telephone Consultations –  £65 (one hour) 

These are more expensive because you will receive a summary of the consultation by email.

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is a unique nutritional programme originally intended to support people losing weight.  It can be used by anyone to bring their body back to its own unique hormonal equilibrium.  Please telephone Emma for prices and schedule.

Summary of Charges

Two-Hour Initial Assessment – £105

One-Hour Follow-up Face-to-Face Consultation – £60

Telephone Consultations – £65 (one hour)

EIS scan – £40

Follow-up EIS scan – £20 


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